The 2015 Charity Program of Emulation Block No. 17

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The New Year is an occasion to feel the warmth of a loving family. However, in our society, there are less fortunate people who lack the love and support of family such as the mentally-ills, the helpless old people and the orphans.

As the Year of the Monkey 2016 is coming close, to bring the warmth to the less fortunate people, on December 19, 2015, the delegation of Emulation Block No. 17 of Hanoi led by Ms. Phung Thuy Hoa – Deputy General Director of the International Investment Trade and Services Company, on behalf of the Block Leader has organized charity activities at the Hanoi Psychiatric Care Center and the Social Care Center III.

The first stop was the Hanoi Psychiatric Care Center at Thuy An, Ba Vi, Hanoi. The delegation met and talked with the representative of the center: Mr. Pham Quang Thinh – Director of the Center:


(Photo: Mr. Pham Quang Thinh – Director of the Center talking with the delegation of Emulation Block No. 17)

The functions and the duties of the Center is to receive, manage, nurture and treat chronic mental patients when their families can no longer take care of them, which could affect public order and social security.

Currently, the Center is taking care of more than 600 patients aged 18 and above with a team of more than 200 doctors, nurses and staff. According to the regime, an employee shall be in charge of 2 patients. However, due to the lack of personnel, this regime is not yet fully realized.

Regarding the health of the patients in the Center, about 60% of the patients requires intensive care including dressing, eating, hygiene and therapy. The remaining 40% with mild mental illness can take care of their personal needs; some can even do light work such as deliver meals, cleaning, planting and taking care of crops to improve the meals at the Center.

The delegation was introduced to the patients at B4 Quarter (the male quarter and B3 Quarter (the female quarter) to have a better grasp of the situation at the Center.


(Photo: The staff taking the delegation to the patients’ quarters)


(Photo: The Doctors show the delegation to the patients’ quarters)


(Photo: Patients grabbing lunches)

After visiting, the delegation has donated 400 pajamas and 30 millions Vietnamese Dong to the Center


(Photo: Ms. Phung Thuy Hoa, on behalf of Block No. 17, gave presents to the Center)


 (Photo: the delegation taking commemorative photos)

After leaving Hanoi Psychiatric Care Center, the delegation of Block No. 17 headed to the Hanoi Social Care Center III (1st facility at Mieu Nha village, Tay Mo commune, Tu Liem, Hanoi) to visit orphans, abandoned children and the helpless old people.


 (Photo: The representative of the Center meeting and talking with the delegation)

The Center currently has 3 facilities, the first facility at Tay Mo facility is in charge of receiving and taking care of children from kindergarten age up to 17 years old and the helpless old people; the second facility at Lac Trung and the third facility at Nguyen Hong, Nam Tu Liem are in charge of receiving and taking care of abandoned children.

In total, the Center is taking care of more than 80 children and 114 old people. The infrastructure of the first facility is adequate, having separate quarters for the old people, for kindergarten children and children of  school age. The facility also has a medical room, kitchen, hall, library, garden with benches for the old people to relax, and slides for the children to play with. The delegation can’t help but feel touched upon hearing the children’s innocently singing songs about families love, about being orphan, being abandoned.

 Some photos of the visit:


(Photo : children learning to sew hats)




(Photo : Distributing presents for the children)






 (Photo: Happy smiles when giving presents to the elder)


 (Photo: Mr. Hoang Anh Duc – General Director of the 3 facilities receiving presents from the delegation)

The last destination was the third facility of the Center, located in Duong Nguyen, located at Nguyen Hong, Nam Tu Liem. This facility takes care of newborn and  kindergarten children. Each child has his own specific circumstances. It is sorrowful to see children of that age longing to be held, to be loved. Through the site visit, one can understand the difficulty and the effort of the caretakers that the children commonly refer as mother. In the Center, there are around 30 children, divided in to 4 rooms. Each room consists of 5 to 8 children of various age and is managed by one “mother”. Each mother works a 24 hour shift, with a day off rotation and on minimal salary. The mother expresses the hardship of taking care of the children, especially when some are ill. Without the backing and support of the family, the caretaker can hardly stick with the profession

The delegation has donated 115 pajamas, 31 powdered milk 500gr cans and 20 millions Vietnamese Dong.


(Photo: the longing gaze of the child)


(Photo: the mother of the Center taking care of the children)


 (Photo: the delegation visit the mother and the children)

The charity program of Emulation Block No. 17 has been successful, demonstrating the spirit of solidarity with a wish to bring laughter, meaningful gifts and moral support for the less fortunate lives to have a warm and happy new year.


News and Photo: Block Leader of Emulation Block No. 17


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