President of VLA/AFFA Do Xuan Quang “Airfreight Logistics, Vietnam 2013, will bring opportunities to Vietnam logistics”

The conference Airfreight Logistics, Vietnam 2013 takes place in April 26th -27th, 2013, marking a new step of development for Vietnam airfreight and logistics sector. Vietnam Logistics Review magazine had a talk with Mr. Do Xuan Quang – President of Vietnam Logistics Association (VLA) and ASEAN Federation of Forwarders Associations- at the preparation stage for the conference.

As a person who initiates the idea of the international conference, will the conference named “Airfreight Logistics, Vietnam 2013” be a new hope for the airfreight-logistics sector of Vietnam?

I have attended many conferences in time operating in airfreight-logistics sector. I have been thinking over and over the matter. The idea was long nourished and now it is time to do something to give our potential logistics sector opportunities to develop. The conference first hold in Vietnam will bring opportunities to promote the country’s logistics brand name.

-Do you think Airfreight Logistics, Vietnam 2013 will mark initiatives in building a new image of Vietnam logistics towards the region and the world?

In my opinion, developing the logistics sector from theory to reality is not an easy job or a short-term plan, but it will work if we are determined enough and try our best. When joining VLA (formerly VIFFAS – Vietnam Freight Forwarders Association), the idea urged me and those in the Executive Board to build a new image for the logistics of Vietnam. Being currently President of AFFA, I should be more determined for it is a new opportunity for the logistics sector. First, we chose airfreight, and then we will choose another one in Vietnam logistics service chain.

What is the prospect of Vietnam airfreight-logistics?

There have been over 50 airlines operating in Vietnam; and Vietnam airfreight has had a high stable growth rate. The conference is also an opportunity to approach new advanced management models of the world aviation, especially in the airfreight-logistics sector. The conference will offer opportunities to exchange experience and solutions for higher competition abilities of Vietnam airfreight and opportunities of cooperation, investments in the field of airfreight-logistics in particular and in the field of trade in general. In addition, infrastructures as transshipment terminals, airfreight terminals, legal framework, training, IT … have been adjusted to have positive effects to the Vietnam logistics. And all of these things make me believe in potential of Vietnam airfreight-logistics in the future.

Is it too risky to hold the conference in the situation of global economic slowdown?

Regional and international economies have been facing difficulties in the global economic slowdown, and so has the airfreight-logistics sector. We have had limitations in terms of facilities, technology and management skills, which lead to weak competition abilities. To develop the sector, we need time, efforts, and pioneers. We can sit still, wait and see. Although we are now in a difficult situation, if we did not make a start, when would we do? Holding conferences with international stature like Airfreight-Logistics, Vietnam 2013 will surely make Vietnam Logistics have a voice in the region and in the world.

What has the preparation work been carrying out?

Everything has been in preparation for long, and everything has been in the rush for a successful conference. My co-workers and I are running the program of Airfreight logistics, Vietnam 2013. We do hope that it would be an annual event of Vietnam.

-Do you have supports from friends and partners worldwide?

This is one of advantages and inspiration for us to hold the conference. We have had friendly relationships among VLA and friends, partners worldwide. Having joined VLA and AFFA for over the past 10 years, I have supports from experts and partners in the field of world aviation when I informed them of the conference to be held this year. This will play an important part in the success of the conference Airfreight-Logistics, Vietnam 2013.

We have known that the Government, Ministries and industries have paid much attention to the conference?

Yes, and it is a good luck for us. We have received attention from the Government, Ministries, relevant industries and from provincial authorities, together with attention from business community and VLA members. This is a motivation. Airfreight-Logistics, Vietnam 2013 is to boost up stable development of the Vietnam logistics in the process of regional and international integration.

Thank you and we wish the conference Airfreight-Logistics great success.



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