Logistics development trend in the world

Century 21 is determined to be the century of the sea with global trends of the economy will lead to new and additional demands on transportation, storage, ancillary services.


The economic experts and logistics specialists predicted that the first few decades of the 21st century global logistics will be developed in three main trends: the application of information technology, electronic commerce, management methods gradually pull replaced by the push method and leased logistics services from professional logistics companies. Application of information technology, electronic commerce has always been the trend since the information is transmitted as fast and accurate decisions in the logistics system more efficient. The production based on the logistics of pulling up the ideals of traditional push logistics mechanisms ago.


Logistics is the process of pulling the production is led by active trading on the exchange of actual rather than forecast demand. The “drag” to produce only those products have been sold or customer purchase order. This model is driven by demand. The main aim is to meet the storage needs of consumers eventually. In addition, to optimize, improve the competitiveness of enterprises, if as before, the owner of the goods most often to organize themselves and carry out logistics activities to meet your needs body, is now going to hire outside service logistics is becoming more popular.


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