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   INTERSERCO does not only focus on labour export and trading but it also develops in real estate. As aresult, Project Management Department was established to support Company’s leaders manage the projects properly according to State’s procedures.

Project Management Department was established on September 17th 2008 under the Decision No 87/QĐ-CƯNL-TM of the chairman of the board, General Director of Company. It was established with skilled and experienced architects and engineers.
With its constant efforts, Project Management Department has directly took part in such works as designing, budget planning, bidding and the like. They have worked well in managing each project according to State’s procedures and been highly appropriated by  the Board of directors of Company.
Some prominent projects:
-          Project of My Dinh Clearance Depot
-          Hanoi International Manpower Vocational School
-          Showroom of ex-imported products
-          Systems of warehouse
Members of Project Management Department are making great efforts in drawing define plans and gradually fulfilling assigned duties for a more effective business. It’s a contribution to the common development of the Company.

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