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Manpower Supply Corporation and International Trade (INTERSERCO., JSC) is a subsidiary of International Investment Trade and Service Group (INTERSERCO Group); Main activities consist of supplying trainee; experts; skilled and ordinary labors to work abroad under contract in many fields such as mechanic; high-tech welder for the shipbuilding, oil pipeline; crew members, workers for construction, interior decoration, seafood processing, agricultural manufacturing, garment …

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- Experience activity: INTERSERCO JSC company has inherited and developed activities the export labor of INTERSERCO Group company with over 34 years of experience (Since 1980)

- As one of the first enterprises of Vietnam and the inclusion of expert labor to work abroad under contract.

- As a number of enterprise Hanoi and TOP 10 of Vietnam’s Enterprise Training and manpower supply.

- Number of Professionals; Trainees, workers, laborers have been sent to work abroad: over 55,000 people.

- Number of the National received  Interserco’s labor: over 30 countries – Including Japan; Singapore; United States; The countries of the SNG; Taiwan; UAE; The Czech Republic; Germany; Bugaria; Poland; South Korea; Latvia; Malaysia; Slovakia; …

- Sectors of the Trainees, workers has provided: Mechanic; Crew members, sector of Welder tech for  ship building, oil pipeline …; Construction, interior decoration; Seafood processing; Agricultural production; Apparel; Electronic assembly; Driving container, forklifts, shovels, cranes; Packing; Food processing; …

- Interserco., JSC have vocational School for International manpower specialized training of skilled labor and the standard language of the employer. The school can focus on training for 1,000 workers.

-Interserco have the ability to meet recruitment requirements and supply with large quantities of Labor, Intern  of various sectors; having a system of the representative offices manage  foreign labor oversea and the branches, representative offices consulting for labor export in many provinces and cities in Vietnam; There are methods to prevent breaking labor contracts fled effectively, always keeping close relationships with employees, their families and local governments as well as all employers to coordinate manage labor …


Oriented development

- Converting labor export activities simply become training company  and international manpower supply, become the leading company dedicated to providing high-tech labor, skilled labor, experts for many countries. Development of selective market and industry groups such as the Korean techology, Construction, Agricultural production, food processing, textiles, Operate treatment … and minimize unskilled labor, not too emphasis on export quantity of labor which focus on investment quality and value of labor export.

- Towards  provide labor for the factories, project, work abroad as well as domestic orders and proceeding to make Contractor manpower international prestige of Vietnam …

- Developing  operational training strongly for workers before going to work abroad as a long term investment orientation and survival of the company. Improving the quality of vocational training and cooperation in accordance with international standards to meet the requirements of employers.

- Labour will be reconstructed and arranged in accordance with the group invested enterprises in countries where it has employees working overseas. Training will be calculated at the deploying different areas to take advantage of labor resources as well as ensuring the availability of labor in the sending company, joint venture or foreign investment ….


The field of activity:

- Service activities included laborers and Vietnam experts to work for a limited time at a foreign contract.

- Training and business services for labor export activities.

- Business Travel Service domestic and international; visa services; work permit …

- Educational Consultants, training at home and abroad.

- Training and foreign language teaching, vocational training for workers.


Manpower Supply Corporation and International Trade (INTERSERCO., JSC)

- Address: 358 Lang Road, Quang Thinh Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi – Vietnam

- Tel: (84.4) 3 8,532,008 – (84.4) 2 2,129,341

- Fax: (84.4) 3 5.622740

- Email: Interserco.xkld@gmail.com

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