Report on the Application of Special Mechanism at ICD My Dinh after nine months

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Following the directions of Hanoi City, on March 25, 2015, the International Investment Trade and Service Group (Interserco Group) and Hanoi Customs Department have given a report to the leaders of Hanoi People’s Committee on the results and the management of nine months of applying special mechanism to consumer goods in Inland Clearance Deport My Dinh. Participating in the meeting are Mr. Nguyen Van Suu – Vice President of Hanoi People’s Committee, Mr. Vu Ngoc Anh – Deputy Director of the General Department of Vietnam Customs, Mr. Nguyen Van Truong – Director of Hanoi Customs Department, Mr. Phung Tien Toan – Chairman of Interserco Group and representatives of the Office of Hanoi People’s Committee.

Determined that the special mechanism is both a favorable policies toward importing, exporting companies and a way to increase the revenue of the city, Interserco Group has been cooperating with Hanoi Customs Department in the clearance process to encouraging companies importing consumer goods in Hanoi to change their ports to ICD My Dinh. In the nine months of implementing this mechanism, despites some difficulties, Interserco Group has achieved some satisfactory results such as:

-Interserco has registered over 420 tractors equipped with GPS to monitor and guarantee the goods being transported safely, on track and on the correct route.

-The stamping and storage areas for clearance are well-prepared. The warehouse areas are well-thoughout and always in top condition.

-The staffs are disciplined and ready to work with the importing companies 24/7. Customer services are good and value-added services are frequently provided free of charge…

Criteria From June to December 2014 From January to now
Number of participating companies  32 44
Imported Goods Brand new cars, used cars, bikes, beverages, confectioneries … Brand new cars, used cars, bikes, beverages, confectioneries …
Number of Customs declaration form (Source: Hanoi Customs Department) 232 forms 244 forms
Tax revenue (Source: Hanoi Customs Department) 189 billions Vietnam Dong 250 billions Vietnam Dong


Mr. Nguyen Van Suu – Vice President of Hanoi People’s Committee highly regarded the efforts of Interserco Group and Hanoi Customs Department during the application of special mechanism for consumer goods at ICD My Dinh.

The results has shown that the special mechanism according to Capital Law is gradually integrated and implemented; this mechanism is also the long term goals for logistics and after sale logistics in the development plan of the Capital from now to the year of 2030.

Mr. Suu urged the Interserco Group and the Hanoi Customs Department to fully utilize Inland Clearance Depot My Dinh in order for My Dinh to be one of the spotlights in term of providing revenues as well as employments in Hanoi; Interserco should also expedite the process of moving ICD My Dinh to Duc Thuong, Hoai Duc in the first quarter of 2017 to further increase the facilities and capacities of this port.

Moreover, Mr. Suu asked for the submission of the report to the Ministry of Finance and to the Prime Minister in order to permanently apply the special mechanism to ICD My Dinh to create peace of mind for businesses and increase the revenue of Hanoi. The city will analyze the report and request the Ministry of Finance and the Government for the application of a supporting policy, allowing Interserco to use the surplus revenues to invest and upgrade the infrastructure, equipments and the management systems of ICD My Dinh according to advanced information technology.

Below are some photos of the meeting



Mr. Vu Ngoc Anh – Deputy Director of the General Department of Vietnam Customs



Mr. Phung Tien Toan – Chairman of Interserco 

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