INTERSERCO Expanding Cooperation, Seeking Development Opportunities

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Could you please brief on INTERSERCO’s remarkable successes?


INTERSERCO was also significantly affected by global economic downturn. But, with our competency and experience, we actively anticipated the situation, dealt with difficulties, sought domestic and international partners, and expanded our service presence in all northern provinces.

Starting from a few dozens of employees assigned to send back goods to overseas guest workers returning Vietnam three decades ago, the company has expanded into many different fields. INTERSERCO now has six subsidiaries and 19 member companies operating in many industries like forwarding and logistics, importing and exporting, chemicals, minerals, electronics, construction, manpower supply, vocational training, and postal services. Services bring in over 70 percent of the group’s revenues. INTERSERCO always completes its business targets, revenues, profits, return on equity, and other business objectives. Revenues in 2011 increased 16 percent from 2010; livelihoods and incomes of employees rose 16-17 percent.

INTERSERCO’s success is reflected by medals and awards granted by the State and the Hanoi People’s Committee. The company was honoured with the certificate of appreciation by the Prime Minister for outstanding achievements, contributions to social development. The firm also received a lot of merits and titles like Hanoi outstanding enterprise, “Golden Globe Prize”, “Prize for Prominent Business of 1000th Year Thang Long – Hanoi,” “Thang Long Golden Cup” and “Excellence Recognition Flag” from the Hanoi People’s Committee. In addition, INTERSERCO was highly appreciated by Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs and Hanoi People’s Committee and as outperformer in the labour, invalids and social affair sector in Hanoi and in Vietnam.


Would you mind telling key factors to INTERSERCO’s success?
To have the today success, INTERSERCO has to pass a rough challenging road that requires bravery, iron will, acumen steel, and unity of the entire company. The leadership always works closely with employees, shares and motivates every staff to devote to the company. Prestige and personnel are the most important factors to the development of a business.

Furthermore, we put a premium on developing traditional services: manpower supply, freight forwarding, freight agent, etc. We always look for domestic and foreign cooperation partners, and work in the spirit of healthy cooperation and competition, prudence and solid progress.

With our rich experience in trade and service businesses and with a well-established reputation, despite global and domestic economic slowdown, INTERSERCO maintains business cooperation with traditional partners and continues expanding the presence to new markets with potential customers through cooperation and research in development investment.

To improve the quality of traditional services like freight forwarding and manpower export, INTERSERCO focuses on training human resources to serve customers’ requirements, investing in new facilities and equipment, upgrading warehousing facilities to international standards, cooperating with foreign partners to build cold storage systems to ensure best service for customers on the principle of mutual benefits.

Besides, the support of authorities at all tiers is an important factor for INTERSERCO’s development.

With nearly 20 years of working with Japanese partners, would you mind sharing your experience in creating the prestige and the trust of Japanese partners in Vietnamese business community?
Japan is always a big potential market for Vietnam. The bilateral trade cooperation has gathered sufficient conditions for a new high. In signing the ASEAN – Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership (AJCEP) and the Vietnam – Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (VJEPA), Vietnam has many opportunities to import high-quality machinery, equipment and raw materials from Japan and to export agricultural products, seafood, apparels and other commodities to Japan. And, it is noted that Vietnam will have more chance to draw investment capital from Japan.

Keeping the word is the most important in doing business with Japanese partners. Particularly, they highly value the impression on the first meeting or the first deal. Japanese partners often use a lot of time to exchange information and negotiate. They always want to be taken to production sites to witness production organisation and capacity of their partners. In turn, they want their customers to visit their factories to create mutual trust. When official transactions are reached, Japanese companies are famously loyal partners.

INTERSERCO initiated its long-term cooperation in manufacturing, trading and manpower with Japanese partners in 1995.We always pay attention to capturing market information and understanding business practices in Japan. We also take advantage of Vietnamese and Japanese support channels (Vietnam chambers of commerce, Jetro, industry associations etc.) and cash on in preferences of bilateral and multilateral agreements.

To have such success, INTERSERCO always does what it is committed to its production, trade and manpower partners, continuously improves the quality of products and services it supplies to customers, and always keeps its payment commitment. Therefore, INTERSERCO is at all times appreciated by Japanese partners for guaranteed quality of goods, delivery schedule and after-sales services.

We are currently cooperating with some Japanese partners to exploit minerals in Vietnam. The investment is based on the principles of mutual trust and benefit.


How does INTERSERCO want to deepen cooperation with Japanese businesses?
At present, Japan is still a potential market. We therefore continue maintaining and seeking more partners in all areas of concerns. We want to create a parts supplier for Japanese partners.

In 2011, the number of our workers sent to Japan increased almost 1.5 times from 2010 and the number tended to rise this year. The outlook is more realistic when the Japan International Training Cooperation Organization Japan reaffirms Japan’s high demand for Vietnamese workers in some fields like manufacturing and agriculture.

INTERSERCO has now established Hanoi International Manpower Training School to train basic skills for trainees before sending them to study in Japan and other countries. Trainees are taught foreign languages (Japanese, Korean, Chinese and English) and professional skills like welding, engineering, electrics, electronics and skills ordered by partners. INTERSERCO is willing to cooperate with Japanese vocational training schools to train and certify Vietnamese trainees.

Besides, INTERSERCO seeks cooperation with Japanese investors keen on mining investment or other fields of joint interests in Vietnam on the basis of mutual benefits.


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