Initial Public Offering of the INTERSERCO Company netting more than 100 billions Vietnamese Dong.

In accordance with decision No. 6988/QD-UBND dated 18 December 2015 of the Hanoi People’s Committee regarding the approval of the value and the equitilization plan of the International Investment Trade and Service Company, on 6 June 2016, the International Investment Trade and Service Company (INTERSERCO) in cooperation with Hanoi Stock Exchange, has made an Initial Public Offering with more than 9.9 millions shares, valued at 10.000 VND per share.

Participating in the offering were:

Representative of the Auction Organizer: Mr. Vu Quang Trung – Deputy Director, Chief Auction Organizer of Hanoi Stock Exchange;

Representative of the Equitilization Board: Mr. Nguyen Hoai Nam – Head of the General Administrative Division and Corporate and Social Cultural Finance, Hanoi Department of Finance;

Representative of the INTERSERCO Company: Mr. Phung Tien Toan – Chairman;

Representative of the consultant: Mr. Nguyen Viet Thang – Vice Director of the Wall Street Securities JSC; and other organizations, individuals participating in the auction

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Representative of the Auction Organizer checking the seal of the ballot box before opening.

 100% of the shares were sold to 21 investors with the highest price at 10.600 VND per share and the lowest price at 10.000 VND per share. The total volume of shares reached 12.097.600, netting 100,08 billions Vietnamese Dong, nearly 1 billion higher than the starting price.

The authorized capital of the company after the equitilization is 360 billions VND. The State holds 45% of the authorized capital, equivalent to more than 16.2 million shares. More than 9.7 million shares will be distributed to strategic investors and 173,300 shares to employees.

The INTERSERCO Company congratulated investors who has become shareholders through the auction. The company is committed to complete the equitization process to become a shareholding company and will conduct the first shareholders meeting as soon as possible.

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