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Annual Shareholders’ Meeting 2014

The “Annual Shareholders’ Meeting 2014” was held at Hong Ha Port Company in the morning on 24th July 2014 to gather suggestions and proposals to ensure the future success of the company.   Photos and Events of  the meeting:  Flag Ceremony and Opening Ceremony of the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting 2014   Of behalf of the chairman group – Mr. Tang […]


The mining operation at Port Hong Ha

Some photos of the mining operations of Hong Ha Port Company,. JSC at Hong Ha Barge Loading & Unloading at Hong Ha Port (Son Tay Port)     Mining coal, sand and gravel     Views: (8)


The factory to produce un-burnt brick

The Company has a factory to produce un-burnt brick with high capacity and pro-environment The product is strong with high capacity using sunlight without burning process Machine to process materials   Views: (5)

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About Hong Ha Port JSC

Hong Ha Port Joint- Stock Company is a subsidiary company of International Investment Trade and Service Group (Interserco Group), operates under the Business License  No. 0500238339, 1st changed on 04 May 07, 2011.   Hong Ha Port Joint- Stock Company manages and uses Son Tay Port and Hong Van Port.   • Son Tay Port is located in Son Tay […]