About Son Dong JSC

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  1. Address: 4, Son Dong, Hoai Duc, Hanoi
  2. Tel:  04 33994649
  3. Fax: 04 33994875
  4. Total area : 21 081 m2
  5. Main business lines:

- Importing and exporting products such as handicraft, agricultural products, clothing products, minerals, equipments and spare parts of transportation (automobile and motorbike); electric equipments, civil and industrial electronic; consumption goods and healthcare products;

- Wholesale and retail dealer for individuals and companies in domestic and abroad.

- Importing and Exporting materials and footwear.

- Saw, split, shoot off wood, and conserve wood

- Manufacturing construction wooden furniture.

- Manufacturing products from wood; bamboo, cork, straw and braided materials.

- Manufacturing and trading candy, food and products produced from milk, cereal, flour, starch and other food.

- Manufacturing and trading wine, beer, soft drink, mineral water, and bottled pure water.

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