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Hong Ha Port Joint- Stock Company is a subsidiary company of International Investment Trade and Service Group (Interserco Group), operates under the Business License  No. 0500238339, 1st changed on 04 May 07, 2011.


Hong Ha Port Joint- Stock Company manages and uses Son Tay Port and Hong Van Port.


• Son Tay Port is located in Son Tay town, Hanoi With total area at 5ha.  The width of the river is 500m. Ships with tonnage under 1500 tons can moor, load and/or unload cargo.


• Hong Van Port is located in Thuong Tin district, Hanoi with total area is 3 ha. width of the river is 500m.  Ships with tonnage under 2000 tons can moor, load and/or unload cargo


Cảng Sơn Tây


Main business lines:

- Cargo handling

- Other support services related to transportation

- Retail sale of cement, brick, stone tile, sand, gravel and other construction materials in stores

- Retailing ceramic tiles, sanitary equipment in stores

- Building ships and floating structures

- Wholesale of machinery, equipment and accessories for mining and construction

- Wholesale of other chemicals (excluding chemicals used for agricultural)

- Warehouse and storage

- Cargo transportation inland waterways

- Wholesale of gasoline and related products

- Transportation of goods by car

- Wholesale of other construction materials and installed equipments

- Manufacturing construction materials from clay

- Wholesale of metals and metal ores

- Repairing and maintaining vehicles (except automobiles, motorcycles, motorcycles and other motor vehicles) – repairing and periodical maintaining boats and boats for entertainment.

- Manufacturing concrete and products from cement and plaster

- Packaging and labeling services

- Sand and gravel excavation.



Head quarter: No. 302, Le Loi, Son Tay Town, Hanoi

Phone: +84-4-33832440

Fax: +84-4-33619201

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