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Investment Corporation Urban Infrastructure Development UDIC – Company Limited, formerly known as the San Company under Hanoi Construction Department was established under the Decision dated 10.06.1971 1639/QD -Committee of Hanoi City People’s Committee.


On 13/04/1990 Hanoi People’s Committee issued Decision No. 1740/QD-TC, the Company changed its name to the San Construction Company Infrastructure Engineering. After 6 years of operation, the company was renamed continued investment company Urban Infrastructure Development.


According to the Decision dated 20/7/2004 111/2004/QD-UB of Hanoi City People’s Committee  Investment Corporation Urban Infrastructure Development  was established by the parent company model – the company which based on reorganization of the Company for Investment and Development of Urban Infrastructure with members (The Company) is the State’s business, the Company, the JV Company under the Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Transportation Public Works, Industry and Union Import and Export Company Investment Hanoi (UNIMEX).


In the Decision dated 07.13.2010 3462/QD-UBND of Hanoi City People’s Committee and the certificate of business registration number 0,100,106,232 by the Department of Planning and Investment in Hanoi issued on 04/7/2011, Investment Corporation Urban Infrastructure Development has been renamed are:  Investment Corporation Urban Infrastructure Development UDIC – Company Limited .


Certificate of Business Registration: No. 0100106232 dated 04/07/2011 (Revised for 1st dated 10/04/2012).


- Headquarters Address: 27 Huynh Thuc Khang – Lang Ha Street – Dong Da District – Hanoi – Vietnam.

- Account number: 059 110 063 6008 – Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank Hanoi

- Tax code: 01 001 0623 2

- Phone: (84-4) 3773 3625 – Fax: (84-4) 3773 1544


- Capital:   2,160,000,000,000  VND (Two thousand one hundred and sixty billion)

- Legal capital:    6,000,000,000  VND (Six billion)

- Legal representative:  Nguyen Minh Quang  - CEO


Thus UDIC is a corporation operating under the Enterprise Law model is Limited Company interdisciplinary business-oriented development follows:


Continued diversification of industries, expansion and business areas, implementation strategy business market has been challenging the past few years aimed at moving away from the role to make all employees market investors to build the country’s industry structure  INVESTMENT – CONSTRUCTION – BUILDING MATERIALS MANUFACTURING AND INDUSTRY – BUILDING INVESTMENT CONSULTING – EXPORT AND SERVICES   in which revenue from investing increasingly high proportion of total revenue. In addition to the industry has been investing as urban construction, industrial, construction and civil engineering, housing, hospitals, public buildings, green parks, industrial , roads, production of bricks, concrete products, and precast concrete structures … will participate in the construction of infrastructure projects such as bridges – tunnels – national road, medium voltage cable works high, sanitary ceramics manufacture advanced compound, lightweight concrete, prestressed concrete .. etc..


UDIC including 43 company. Including 6 Joint Venture Company with aggregate foreign capital strength, management experience, with a team of construction managers, engineers, and workers bachelor enthusiastic, experienced, qualified skilled production activities according to the quality management system ISO has created both product quality and good reputation in the market contribute to the development of fast, strong, sustainable capital Hanoi in particular and the country in general.

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